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  • Games using PySGE:
    • Maze, drive your hero through a maze with deadly walls
    • Blocks, tetris clone
  • Games needing porting
    • Physics (dev name), to be ported whith pyMunk
  • Games ideas
    • Jump (dev name), A simple dwon/up scrolling game, similar to X-Jump
    • Glider (dev name) Mac's Glider clone.
    • Sheeps (dev name), put all the sheeps in the corral. Top-down game, implementing fear from a user-controlled sprite on a whole herd of sprites.
    • CirclePad: A circle, a pad on it, balls comes from middle, need to keep them inside :D
  • ToDo

Add a "getLevelObject" helper to allow behaviours (& etc...) to easily access other sprites objects.

  • Engine:
    • Port PyMunk 1.0.0
    • Make alpha transparency available through config
    • Perfs: collisions, divide in regions to avoid useless checks, splitted sprites are in both regions. (check )
  • EventManager
    • try to switch custom events to a simple string constants to allow runtime event creation
  • Editor
    • Fix it ;)
    • Disable behaviours
  • Resource
    • Theme should define resource type also (e.g: tileset)
    • Create a resource manager to handle correctly all this
  • Blocks
    • blocks rotation
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Page last modified on November 25, 2011, at 04:05 PM